Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing is especially great for small quantity runs and standard options.

Digital Print

hemp and CBD labelsDigital printing is a process where you print right from a PDF or other art file directly on to the substrate without using any plates. This is 4 color process printing, which means that the art file is made up of Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Blank (CYMK). The print quality is very good and prints the exact version of your art work file that you supply.

Digital printing is also geared towards small run quantities and multiple copies or versions, so if you want to print 5 versions of a product and only need 1000 of each copy, digital printing is the way to go. In digital printing the print speeds are very slow, anywhere from 40-60 feet per minute, this is to make sure the quality of print is maintained. We can print as few as 1 label if you need, and up to 10,000 labels for a good economical comparison. Since we do not use printing plates on digital run labels we can reduce the lead time for orders as it takes one step out of the process. Our normal lead time is 5-7 days for a digital label order.