Adhesion Types

There are many options and adhesion levels to consider for your products.

Adhesion Options for Your Labels

In label manufacturing there are many different types of face stock (that is the material that on the top of the label) and adhesives, which is how the label adheres to the surface or object. Adhesives come in many forms– from super aggressive to removable. Here is list of commonly used adhesives and the various characteristics of each type.

Label Adhesive Types

Type Description Technology
All Temp Adhesive developed to provide good room temperature and excellent cold
temperature performance
Cold Temp Cold temperature adhesive, permanent at cold and room temperature after 24 hours Acrylic
Freezer Freezer grade permanent designed to optimum cold temperature performance Hot Melt
Hammerlock Highly aggressive permanent adhesive specifically designed for difficult surfaces Hot Melt
High Tack General purpose industrial grade clear adhesive, featuring initial tack and
ultimate adhesion as well as low ooze
Removable Removable adhesive featuring moderate initial tack and minimal adhesion build up Acrylic
Ultra-Removable Ultra-removable, clear emulsion acrylic used where long term removability is
Direct Food Contact Adhesive that meets FDA175.105 and FDA 175.125B requirements. Specifically
designed for adhesion to fresh fruits and vegetables with edible skin
Hot Melt
Re-Pulp ability Permanent adhesive featuring excellent adhesion and tack to corrugated and paper
substrates. This adhesive is dispersible offering characteristics for water wash off label