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Digital Printing for Labels Adds Value

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Ink Jet desk top printing is all the rage!!! Have you taken a close look at what the costs are per label? What about the technical skill level of the person to run your Ink Jet desk top printer, do they have what it takes? These are questions you need to ask, here are some answers that may surprise you. Let’s look at the costs, first label stock, all ink jet stock has a special coating on it in order to accept the ink, this stock has a 15-20% premium on it. Then look at the ink costs, again you will need to figure out how many labels you get per ink cartridge or the yield, divide the cost of the cartridge by the number of the labels you printed on that cartridge. On average you are looking at .15 to .50 cents cost per label just for ink. Then you need dedicated personnel to be able to run the printer, maintain the printer and do the prepress set up for the label designs and printing operations. Then what happens when that person does not show for work and you need product?

We can eliminate all of the headaches in a couple of ways, first we can do short run (50-1,000) labels digitally in a couple of days lead time. Or we can also show you how you can have multiple SKU’s and preprint your brand/logo and then have a thermal transfer printer print all of your variable data, product name, contents/nutrition facts, UPC or bar code. With this model we can run 1,000 or 10,000 labels for startup stock. We can even setup your database in the printer to make sure only the data set you pick can be printed. This process will allow for consistent branding and cost saving for obsolete inventory if you decide certain SKU’s are no longer needed.

Advanced Labeling Systems, our name says it all, we can help with your entire labeling needs. We not only produce custom packaging labels but we also carry a large selection of blank stock labels, as well as providing thermal transfer and direct thermal printers, ribbons and software.

  • We are a well-established 25 year old label manufacturer.
  • Regionally located in Denver and St Louis, shipping to 30+ states.
  • Pride ourselves in giving personalized service of a small company with the resources and capabilities of a large company.

If you are ready to take the next step in your product design and product fulfillment give us call or send an email and let’s get started on your project.

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