Frequently Asked Questions
Artwork Files
Do you offer label design services?
What kind of artwork files can I use?
What is dpi?
Will I receive a label proof?
What is the Pantone Matching System (PMS)?
What is 4 Color Process?
We use a special color. Can you match my labels?
What are color separations?
What is the maximum number of colors that can be printed on a label?
Does white count as a printing color?
What is a color bleed?
Label Design
What are the parts of a label?
Do you have a label catalog, or label samples you can send me?
What is the maximum label size you can print?
What are the most popular label sizes?
What is label wind direction?
What's the difference between die-cut and butt-cut?
Can you print the back of my label?
What are pressure sensitive labels?
What is a perforation?
How do I get a barcode if I need barcode labels printed?
What types of lamination is best for my label?
What are dies and what sizes are available?
What is Corner Radius?
What is an Outside Diameter (O.D.)?
What materials are used to make labels?
What is a Core?
What is the difference between direct thermal transfer and thermal transfer?
What are the different types of adhesives I can use for my label projects?
What type of label is best for outdoor/industrial applications?
What is the difference between coated and uncoated stock?
What is Varnish?
How do I know my printing will be of good quality?
Can you manufacture labels that meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Requirements?
Do you offer stock shipping labels?
What kind of labels has Advanced Labeling Systems printed before?
Do you sell printers or ribbons?
Pricing & Ordering
Do you have a minimum order?
How do I get a custom label quote?
What determines the price of custom labels
Is there a discount if I re-order my labels?
How long will it take to get my order?
How do I check the status of my order?
Will I be charged shipping and handling?
Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?
Can I change my order once it has been placed?
How can I get my order processed and shipped faster?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Will I get the exact quantity of labels that I order?
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